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Pon-Tunes for Vibration Control

Tune-up your system with Pon-Tunes, G & G Discoveries' audio vibration controllers!

Pon-Tunes are a revolutionary product designed to support audio components (from CD players to speakers and everything in-between) and shield them from surface and air vibrations that can feed back into the audio-chain with noise and distortion. The Pon-Tune set comes with three feet and three trays for the feet (the feet wobble in the trays). Nothing to screw or unscrew, just prop the component onto the Pon-Tunes in the trays and hear the difference! The sound becomes more transparent and rhythmic as unwanted vibration feedback is eliminated. The effect is cumulative as more components rest on Pon-Tunes. Even speakers can benefit from them! Contact Analysis Audio in Mountainside, NJ (Mike Kalellis) for pricing and availability. 30 Day money-back guarantee for undamaged returns.



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