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Subject to Terms and Conditions (See Below)

Submit for evaluation any original script, treatment or text document to G & G Discoveries, Inc. for $50. Document be will evaluated for suitability for publication or production, but not edited for content or grammar. The original document submitted will be returned along with a written evaluation of 500 words or more as to the pros and cons of the subject and approach of the material. The guidelines for evaluation concern the assumed reaction of the general public to the material. No guarantee of the marketability of the material with any type of evaluation can be given nor of the marketability of any material altered on the basis of any evaluation. No evaluations can be made of adaptations of existing (non-original) material, nor of outlines, concepts or summaries.

Sample Evaluation

Terms and Conditions:

Send a bound copy of the original work to the address below along with a check for $50.00 (funds US), a 250 word or less summary of the work (first page or on top) and a return address envelope of suitable size with fixed postage sufficient for mailing the original work back. The return address must match the address of the sender. We will not forward documents or evaluations to third parties. The copyright holder shall be assumed to have been informed of the submission for evaluation and given consent. Only printed materials should be submitted, no electronic, visual or erzatz formats will be accepted. The material should be less than 100,000 words, be written entirely in English and contain no highly technical slang or "lingo". The material should be in complete form without errors of grammar or spelling. No summaries or other half-measures will be evaluated. The material submitted for evaluation should be suitable for general audiences (an "R" equivalent rating or less). Any material deemed not practicable for evaluation, either due to content, format or suitability will be returned along with the $50 check. No refunds will be granted for submissions deemed suitable for evaluation. The 500 word written evaluation will be sent along with the material (but not the summary sheet) to the sender within 90 days. The evaluation will be original for each submission. The evaluation will be "fair and impartial". All copyrights will be honored. The evaluation will only be sent to the sender and remain confidential. All summaries will remain confidential as well. No legal advice will be given and none should be inferred. Submissions may be returned or held-over with notice if time does not permit reading within 90 days. The sender shall indemnify and hold harmless G & G Discoveries, Inc., its stockholders, bondholders and officers and any related entities for any claims arising from the existence or non-existence of any evaluation of said material or document, from the content of any said evaluations, or from the use or non-use of said evaluations, which shall be said to be exclusively confidential communication between G & G Discoveries, Inc. and the sender (or submitter).

Make checks payable to "G & G Discoveries, Inc." Send them to:

G & G Discoveries, Inc.
1666 Valley View Rd.
Martinsville, NJ 08836

Attn: Script Submissions

G & G Discoveries, Inc. is not a, nor affiliated with any, publishing or production company or companies, and does not act as agents for the purposes of publishing or production.



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